After being released on bail, you may ask yourself what you can and can’t do. Depending on the details of your case, it may take several weeks or even months before you go before a judge. In addition to not being arrested again while you are out on bond you will need to abstain from drugs and alcohol, traveling, possessing firearms and ammunition, and fraternizing with felons. You will want to be on your best behavior and comply with the conditions of your bond to maintain your freedom.


Learn About Specific Conditions of Your Bail

You may have specific conditions associated to your bail. For example, a DUI arrest may mean you are to remain sober while out on bail and/or agree to random drug testing. If you do not comply with the conditions of your bail, your bond may be revoked and a judge will issue a warrant for your arrest.


Go to Work

Returning to work is often a condition of being released on bail. If you lose your job, you must prove that they are seeking employment.


Enjoy Time with Your Family and Friends

Spending time with your family and friends is good for your spirit. Unless being on house arrest is a condition of your bail, you should attend birthday parties and gatherings but always be aware that if police are called for any reason (noise complaints, underage drinking) your bail can be revoked.


Go to Every Court Appearance

While you are out on bail, it is critical that you attend every court appearance. You will be responsible for paying the entirety of your bail amount if you hired a bail bondsman to pay your bail. The bail bond company will likely hire a bail enforcement agent to find you and the judge will issue a warrant for your arrest.


Communicate with Your Bail Bondsman and Co-Signer

You will want to remain in contact with your bail bondsman and your co-signer. Notify them of any changes in your contact information or employment. Your bondsman needs this information so they can contact you about any changes to your court appearance schedule. If you miss court for whatever reason—call your bondsman immediately! If you missed a court appearance due to a legitimate reason, your bondsman can work with the authorities on your behalf (scheduling another court date and preventing the issue of a warrant for your arrest).


Trust the Team That Has Your Back

Being released on bail is definitely a relief, but if you aren’t serious about following the conditions of your release, you may face consequences. If you need help posting bail, contact us today.