Even for ordinary crimes, the cost of bail often turns out to be a lot more than the Average Joe could afford to pay without any prior notice. Since no one really plans on experiencing an arrest, there’s really isn’t much notice at all in any bail situation. Bail bonds make it possible to get out of jail without first handing over that entire bail amount to the court. On top of being affordable, they enlist the help of bail experts. But not all bondsmen are as helpful as others. We’ve come up with 3 reasons our bonding company is one of the best in Georgia…

Our Staff 

A bondsman is a privately employed individual who manages bonds. Our bail bondsmen have established lines of credit with the court system so he can make arrangements to pay the court if a defendant does not appear. In exchange for a down payment from the defendant or his loved ones that is only a percentage of the total bail amount, they’ll efficiently arrange for the pre-trial release. Because of their experience and their rapport with the jails and courts, they oftentimes can get arrested individuals’ bail sorted out long before you could on your own. On top of that, our bondsmen exemplify courtesy and professionalism. They want to help get people home so that they can put the ordeal of the arrest behind them.

Our Expertise 

We have knowledge of multiple courts and we’re familiar with a variety of crimes including assault, theft, DUIs and other drug-related charges. In order for the bond to be made, all our bondsman will need to know is the full name of the defendant, an address and phone number and a little bit about his or her credit. He’ll also need to know the charges and the exact name of the jail in which the defendant is being held. Before any agreement is made official, the bondsman must also have information about the person applying for the bail bond. Once all that is obtained, our process is straightforward as can be.

Our Rates 

We cannot stress this enough: a bail bond is the cheapest way to get out of jail fast. After obtaining all the required information, the bondsman will request and accept a payment of a percentage of the total bail cost. He may accept this payment in cash, check, credit or in some other financial arrangement. This payment is considered nonrefundable. The percentage we ask at our company is among the lowest legally permitted. After collecting the payment, the bail bondsman will make all the calls and arrangements to get the defendant released then instruct the applicant when to go to the jail to pick up the defendant. Applicants don’t have to deal with the jail or worry about making bail anymore. The bondsman will take care of everything at a cost that won’t leave you penniless. The bail bondsman may also stay in touch throughout legal proceedings if any confusion comes up.