Following an arrest and jail booking, a defendant is given a bail hearing where the judge will set a bail amount. Paying the bail amount to the court allows the person who was arrested to be released from jail. Not paying the bail means the person will have to remain in jail until their court hearing. You can pay the bail amount with cash or collateral, such as real estate, stocks, bonds, and bank accounts. If you do not have access to the cash or collateral to pay the bail, you will need to contact a bail bond agent. Before contacting a bail bond agent you should know a few basic facts about bail bonds and also collect some specific information to provide to your agent.


General Information About Bail Bonds

Bail bond companies don’t deal with cash bonds. Bail bonds are essentially short-term loans paid by the agent to the court on your behalf for a defendant’s release. Bail bond fees are non-refundable. Like all other loans, there is a non-refundable fee (which varies from state to state) that you are required to pay to the bond agent prior to the defendant’s release. If you require the services of a bail bond agent, you will be required to sign an indemnity agreement stating that the bail bond company is not responsible for any incurred losses. By signing for a bail bond for your friend or family member, you are agreeing to take on the financial responsibility. The bail amount will only be returned to you if the defendant shows up for all court dates.


Specific Information You Need to Provide to the Bail Bond Company

To expedite the bail process you will need to assemble a few key pieces of information to supply to the bail agent. Have this information ready when you contact your bail agent.

  1. Full Name and Birthdate of Defendant: Be prepared to supply the bail agent with the full name and proper spelling of the arrested person and their full birthdate.
  2. Booking Number: Ask the defendant for their full booking number, to ensure that the correct person is bailed out of jail. The bail agent may be able to get the booking number for you if you forgot or if it was not available.
  3. Location of Jail: What is the exact location of the jail where the person is in custody, including city, state, and the name of jail?
  4. Amount of Bail: The bail total determines how much you will be paying out of pocket, so it’s important to know that total from the start. The bail agent can get this information if necessary but knowing the amount will speed up the process.


Paying bail is an upsetting situation full of fear, uncertainty, and unexpected financial stress. A bail bond agent can help you during this challenging time. Our understanding and experienced professionals can help you understand and navigate the bail process to quickly get your loved one released. Contact us today!