Arrests happen every day, in practically every county. While many get arrested for serious offenses, statistics have shown that the largest bulk of the arrests and criminal prosecutions in North Georgia and elsewhere are:

Criminal Traffic Offenses 

Not a day goes by without someone being arrested for a criminal traffic offense in or around Clayton County. Police, prosecutors and judges in our Southern state are fairly tough on more serious traffic charges such as Driving While License Suspended (DWLS), fleeing and eluding, reckless driving, unlicensed driving, and “hit and run” activity. Being convicted of Fleeing and Eluding, DUI or motor racing can and often will result in an arrest and/or a license suspension. Because driving is a necessity for getting to and from work and school, it’s important to take swift action after a driving arrest, especially if a bail bond is needed. We don’t think our fellow citizens should be in jail just for driving so we make it simple to get out of jail for pre-trial release. Having an experienced bonding company may help you avoid unfair incarceration as well as unnecessary expenses.

Drug Charges

Most arrests in the US are drug-related. More than thirty years after the “War on Drugs” was declared on the federal level, local law enforcement is as zealous as ever in hunting down drug offenders. In Georgia, possession of a certain number of grams of marijuana is a felony as is possession of cocaine, heroin, ecstasy and prescription pills without a prescription. All charges involving the sale or trafficking of drugs are felonies. This typically means arrests, bail hearings and bail bonds will be involved. Depending on the court that’s handling your case, bail can be quite pricey and a bail bond will the best way to save money and understand the whole bail system.

Violence and Battery

All violence, domestic violence especially, is a serious crime. Domestic violence doesn’t have to refer to violence between spouses. It often involves a man and a woman but it could also involve siblings or even roommates. Since it’s their job to protect, local police are quick to arrest somebody when there is an accusation of violence being made. Law enforcement will attempt to determine the primary aggressor and arrest him or her. A Domestic Violence Battery conviction can lead to a jail sentence, expensive fines, and lengthy programs. Contrary to popular belief, the accuser in a domestic violence case cannot always “drop the charges” at the drop of a hat. Once an arrest is in the works, the process is somewhat out of the accuser’s hands. A need to make bail may be inevitable after violence has been reported and, when it’s been reported wrongfully, it should be made ASAP. Working with an expert bail bond agency in this situation, and any of the other situations we’ve described here, will help!