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Bail Bonds – How Long do the Last?

Bail is granted by the police or the court when the accused promises to show up in the court for the hearings of his or her case. Therefore, bail lasts until a sentence is made as long as the accused is cooperative and has supporters who can vouch for him. Each case differs in how […]

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Getting the Bail Money Back to You

The bail system, one that is in place across the United States including in Clayton, allows recently incarcerated individuals to post a specific amount of money in exchange for their freedom before trial. While some money does go to the court system for a period of time, it is meant to only act as collateral, […]

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Crime Rates During Summertime

After being stuck inside all winter, many people anxiously await the arrival of warmer weather. Some would rather winter last a little longer since there has been a correlation between increases in crimes and increases in temperatures in the past. Many law enforcement departments across the country report increases in crime during warm weather months […]

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How to Get Out of Jail

Now this is not going to be an article detailing how to dig a hole from a jail cell to the freeway or file through bars with some makeshift instrument. If you are interested in learning about legal ways to shorten a prison sentence, however, you’ve come to the right place. Of course, we all […]

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Getting the Best Bond – Atlanta

n the majority of criminal cases, defendants have the ability to pay bail. The court will decide on an amount of money that the defendant can pay to remain out of jail until the court date arrives. When the defendant appears in court, the money is returned. The court uses the bail as insurance that […]

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Crimes that Don’t Get Bail

Posting bail is a fundamental right given to every accused individual. But exceptions do exist. In extreme circumstances, a judge may deem it necessary and reasonable to put someone in custody with no chance for bail. This occurs when releasing the convicted individual from custody would compromise the safety of the community.

Bail is mostly intended […]

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Bail Bonds – Honor Them

We know for sure that very few people would deliberately miss a court date. The consequences are just too steep. At the same time, we understand that accidents happen and that some people have a habit of disregarding legal obligations. Occasionally, a defendant will end up missing his or her court date simply out of […]

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Bondsman – The Roles

Often the cost of bail is more than an ordinary person can afford. This is where a bail bond comes in. A bondsman is a privately employed individual who manages that bond. A bail bondsman has established lines of credit with the court system so he can make arrangements to pay the court the full […]

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