The circumstance of getting a loved one out of jail is always a serious and urgent one that you never want to find yourself in. But if you have the bad fortune of ending up in that very situation, you need accurate answers, and you need them fast. You need reliable help from a trusted and licensed professional that can help you in your dire time of need. Anything less and you risk wasting valuable time, resources, and possibly, even money in an instance when all are vitally necessary.


Know Who You’re Dealing With

That’s why it’s incredibly important to know who you’re dealing with when it comes time to call on a bonding agent – also known more popularly as a bail bondsman. Part counselor, part negotiator, a trusted bonding agent offers you more than just the assistance you need to answer the questions and navigate the process of getting somebody get out of jail, they can be a calming presence that helps you to focus on what you need to focus on in order to get stuff done.


Because it’s such an unfamiliar situation, the lack of knowledge or possible lack of finances can leave the person who’s trying to bail a loved one out of jail feeling vulnerable, helpless, and embarrassed.  Unscrupulous – sometimes, even fake – bonding agents can seize on that and take advantage. Make sure to find an agent licensed to work as a bonding agent in your state.


The Bail Bond Process

Once you’ve selected a bail bondsman, they can find out what the bond amount (set by a judge) is for the arrested party. Once the bond amount is paid, the detainee can be released, provided they promise to return to court on their scheduled date. Because bond amounts are usually pretty high, your bail bondsman will charge you a fee (generally 10% of the bond amount) and assume the rest of the bond balance, provided the detainee shows up in court on their scheduled date. If the defendant doesn’t show up in court on the designated date, your bonding agent is required to pay the entire amount on your behalf, leaving you responsible for either reimbursing them for the amount or making sure the defendant shows up, or both.


Because they play such a pivotal role at such an urgent time, it’s vital that you find a licensed bonding agent that you can trust. Seek out online reviews and testimonials to find the best bonding agents in your area. Because, while you hope that you’ll never need the services of one, here’s to knowing what to look for if you ever do.