Bond agents usually require both the person released from jail as well as the bond co-signer to perform regular check ins after a bond has been issued. These check ins keep the defendant and co-signer updated about court dates or trial appearances as well as keep the bond agent informed of updates about each person (where they work, spend their free time, how their physical characteristics may have changed, what vehicles they drive, and other details.) The bonding company and agent require these check ins to ensure the person released from jail is not a flight risk.

When You Can Stop Checking In with Your Bail Bond Agent?

You can not stop checking in with your bail bond agent until your case is no longer pending. It doesn’t matter if your case or court date doesn’t show up online, it’s been over a year and charges still haven’t been filed, etc. Report to your bail bond agent exactly as you have been instructed until the statute of limitations has run out.

What Happens If You Stop Checking In with Your Bail Bond Agent?

If you stop reporting to your bail bond agent, you are almost definitely going to be charged. Whether done intentionally or because you simply thought your case was forgotten about, failing to check in with your bail bond agent will cause the company to revoke the bond, creating an active warrant for you. The warrant will then alert the district attorney’s office to your case, which will now most assuredly be filed, assuming the statute of limitations has not expired. Don’t ruin your luck of never being called into court after an arrest by not reporting to your bail bond agent!

What Happens If You Miss Your Court Date?

If you are out on bail and miss your court appearance, a judge will likely issue a bench warrant for your arrest. You can then be arrested and taken to jail if you are pulled over while driving, your county is doing warrant sweeps, or by your bail bond agent when they find you—one of which is bound to happen sooner or later.

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