The holiday season usually brings thoughts of happiness and time spent with family and friends. Sadly, it is not always a time of celebration. In fact, the holidays are the busiest time of year for the bail bond industry with increased domestic violence, theft, and drunk driving arrests. 

Domestic Violence

Strong emotions paired with increased drinking and/or drug use can cause people to act erratically. Holiday activities and tension often lead to higher stress levels and an increase in domestic violence arrests. Charges will depend on if the arrest is an initial or subsequent occurrence and convictions can lead to possible loss of parental rights and future employment difficulties. 


The pressure to give gifts along with seasonal opportunities (holiday gatherings, unattended packages, chaotic stores, etc) lead to an increased amount of arrests for theft. Charges will be related to the value of the merchandise stolen. Charges will depend on the types of items stolen and the property’s value.

Drunk Driving

Holidays are a time when friends and family members get together to celebrate, and many of these celebrations involve alcohol. Unfortunately, impaired judgement sets in and rather than arranging for a designated driver many buzzed or fully intoxicated people choose to drive themselves, putting other people on the road at risk. Driving Under the Influence (DUI) is a problem during the holiday season, beginning with Thanksgiving and ending with New Year’s Day. DUI arrests spike during this time not only from the number of people driving under the influence but also because of an increase in police activity.

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There are several other reasons why an individual may be arrested during the holidays, but arrests usually fall into these three categories. Generally, people accused of these crimes will qualify for release on bail. Friends or family members can take advantage of the bail bonds process and parter with a bail bonds company to ensure their loved one can still be home for the holidays without placing their whole holiday budget on the bail amount. We know the jail and court systems well and can help you with everything you need including performing an inmate search, finding out their exact bail amount, providing the funds, and filing all necessary paperwork to secure your loved one’s release. Call us today to find out your options and ways to speed up the process so your whole family can stay together this holiday season.