Over the course of popular culture, just as long as there have been celebrities, there have been celebrities behaving badly and getting arrested for it. Luckily, there have been bail bondsmen around for much longer than that who are willing to help get them out.

Whether you’re a celebrity like Justin Bieber, Conor McGregor, or more recently, rapper, Offset, from rap trio, Migos, who was arrested just last month in Atlanta on a handful of charges, or a regular Joe like you and me, you might find yourself or a loved one on the wrong side of the law and a set of bars someday.

Help is Available

Heaven forbid you’d ever end up in jail, but if Offset can get stopped for an improper lane change, the possibility always looms that you or a loved one might need the help of a licensed bail bondsman to get you out of jail one day. No matter if it’s a superstar celebrity or not, a reputable bondsman can walk someone through the entire process to get a defendant out of jail as quickly as possible. Not only will a bond agent find out what the court-ordered bail amount is, but they will also work with the bailor to negotiate a bond amount — generally 10% of the bail — that the agent will accept as an insurance policy to ensure that the defendant shows up in court on the day the judge orders.

Saving You Money, Time, and Hassle

While the bond amount saves money and keeps the bailor from having to pay the entire bail prior to release from jail, bail bondsmen save you time when time is of the essence. Not only are they wiser to the process and experienced with the circumstances, a reputable bondsman might know key contacts and people who can help along the way, reducing time behind bars. Because nobody wants to be in jail for any longer than necessary, not even celebrities, the quicker you contact a bail bondsman, the better.