Driving under the influence in Fulton County, Georgia can result in a whole slew of problems — legal, financial, personal, even familial or emotional. Some common DUI consequences include jail time, legal fees, license suspension, forced installation of an interlock ignition device in your vehicle, increased insurance costs and feelings of depression and doubt. Summer may be coming to a close but the end of the summer can still be a “high alert” time of year for cops looking out for DUIs. This may be because our hot, humid summer days north of Atlanta can exacerbate the dangers of driving while intoxicated.

  1. Traveling without in-car AC in the summer can drain your energy and endanger your health.

Commuting in an un-air-conditioned vehicle can expose you to the elements, which can be quite uncomfortable on days when the mercury reaches the 90s and higher. This stuffy outdoor climate can put vulnerable individuals at risk for dehydration, drowsiness and heat stroke. Combine any of these conditions with alcohol consumption and you’ve got a recipe for an extra impaired driver.

  1. More kids are hanging out outside and more teens are spending their time behind the wheel.

Obviously, drinking and driving is dangerous any time of year but it’s even more risky to do so when there are other unexpected happenings on the roadways. When you think about it, it’s safer to be the only crazy car on a road full of defensive, sober, attentive drivers than it is to risk a DUI on a road filled with kids squeezing in some fun in the last days of summer, using phones and potentially drinking. Most schools have started up again but the summer weather hasn’t let up and with it comes a little teenage debauchery.

  1. Longer daylight hours may cause you to forget how tired you actually are.

Driving tired can feel almost like driving on drugs and there’s a bit more of a risk of getting sleepy behind the wheel in the summer. Lengthy days can lead us to feel alert when we are really exhausted. If the sun is still beaming around 8 p.m., we might not recognize our own fatigue so easily. Unrecognized exhaustion can compound the dangers of DUI, increase accident chances and more.

All these factors together mean cops are particularly vigilant for reckless-looking drivers as summer winds down in Georgia. If you find yourself with a DUI charge and a hefty bail charge to match this August or September, contact our bondsmen to see what can be done about it before fall.