If you’re currently facing, you recently faced or you just want to avoid an arrest for driving under the influence, chances are you have more than a few question about it. Our bondsman are always happy to answer any questions you have about an arrest, but to get some answers even before you contact us, we’ve come up with this FAQ list. When it comes to dealing with a DUI, the more you know, the better!

Question: What was the police officer looking for when I got pulled over?

Answer: There are many driving behavior “clues” that tell the police if a driver could be impaired. Some particularly suspicious acts include driving off the road or between lanes, nearly striking another object and frequent swerving. Other potential signs of drunk driving are subtler and more surprising. These include rapid acceleration, inconsistent braking, delayed responses to traffic signals, abrupt turning, tailgating, driving without headlights and driving 10 mph or more under the speed limit. Interestingly enough, speeding is not typically considered a potential sign of insobriety.

Question: How should I have answered the arresting officer’s questions?

Answer: Always keep in mind that you’re not required to answer any incriminating questions. In a police encounter, a simple request to speak with an attorney is almost always an appropriate response. Admitting to an officer that you had one or two beers is far from an admission to DUI. This may explain away the smell of alcohol on one’s breath yet it is generally enough to put anyone of age above the limit.

Question: How should I plea?

Answer: Georgia DUI law requires jail time for a first-time offense. A judge has no choice but to include it in your sentence if you plead guilty. It’s often best to work closely with an attorney instead to figure out the exact nature of your plea. Another downside to pleading guilty is that your license could very well be suspended for as much as one year. Because of these new, harsher laws in Georgia, it is important to speak to an experienced DUI lawyer before you decide what to do in court.

Question: How should I address bail?

Answer: Helping you pay bail after any kind of arrest is what we’re here for, and we just so happen to have extensive experience with DUI cases. This means we can handle the bail process both calmly and efficiently. Best of all, buying a bail bond from our company will save you money. DUIs are not cheap between court fees and lawyer costs. Obtaining a bail bond as opposed to paying bail in full will help offset those costs.

Question: Will I get to keep my license?

Answer: Getting to keep your driving privileges is a bit like getting your bail back. If you’re proven innocent, you will certainly get to hold onto your license but, if not, the outlook is not so good. After (or even before!) setting up your bail bond, you should find a qualified attorney to help protect your ability to drive!