Often the cost of bail is more than an ordinary person can afford. This is where a bail bond comes in. A bondsman is a privately employed individual who manages that bond. A bail bondsman has established lines of credit with the court system so he can make arrangements to pay the court the full amount if the defendant does not return to court. He insures the courts of this in exchange for a down payment from the defendant or his loved ones that is only a percentage of the total bail amount. This makes bail bonds one of the most affordable ways to post bail.

In order for the bond to work, the bondsman needs to know the full name of the defendant, his address and phone number and a little bit about his credit. He’ll also need to know the exact name of the jail in which the defendant is being held. Before any agreement is made official, the bondsman must also know the name, address, phone number and some credit history of the person applying for the bail bond.

After obtaining all the required information, the bondsman may accept a payment of a percentage of the total bail cost. He may accept this payment in cash, check, credit or in some other financial arrangement. This payment is considered nonrefundable. After collecting the payment, the bail bondsman will make all the calls and arrangements to get the defendant released and instruct the applicant when to go to the jail to pick up the defendant. Meaning the applicant doesn’t have to deal with the jail or worry about making bail anymore. The bondsman will take care of everything.

Between leaving the jail and the defendant’s trial, the bail bondsman stays in touch with the defendant and his loved ones throughout the legal process. He can help explain legal proceedings and help the defendant make it to the trial successfully. This is important to the bondsman because in most counties, the bondsman will be held responsible if the defendant fails to attend his trial. The bondsman will be required to locate the defendant and forfeit the bond to the court. Generally, the bondsman will also proceed to recollect the bond amount from the defendant and the person or person who applied for the bail bond.

Our bondsmen exemplify courtesy and professionalism. They want to help get people out of jail and make their court date so both they and their loved ones can put the whole ordeal behind them.