If someone you know just called you asking for bail, your head is probably full of questions about how bail works. One of the most pressing questions in your mind: “How long will it take to get my loved one out of jail?”

When you choose purchasing a bail bond over going to the jail to provide bail in full, you save time. Jails typically involve long lines and jailors will almost always make you wait around before you can take real action toward posting bail. Georgia bail bond companies pride themselves in rapid service and a skilled bondsman can complete the bail process much faster than you could on your own. Additionally, working with a bond company, as opposed to working alone, to free your loved one will save you your first trip to the jail. You can purchase a bond over the phone or even online and in doing so, you’ll get peace of mind, knowing that when you do drive to the jail, it’ll be to bring the incarcerated individual home.

As soon as the jail says that an individual is ready for bail, a bonding company can immediately post the bail bond. Actual release time depends upon the jail facility in which an individual is held as well as what she or is being held for. If he/she is at a city jail facility release time can be as little as 10 minutes or as much as one hour. A county jail facility, on the other hand, may take anywhere from two hours to 12 hours. You can contact a bondsman at any time for a more accurate estimate depending on the exact jail facility where the offender is being held.

Aside from speedy bond posting, purchasing bonds also gets the offender free sooner because they are so much easier to fund than a full bail payment. If you aren’t ready to shell out a couple thousand dollars for bail, a bond policy can be the answer to your wishes. Typically, the percentage of bail that a bonding company will require you to pay is somewhere in the ballpark of 10 percent of the actual amount.

Once you’ve bought a bond and brought your loved one home, the only obligation left to fulfill is going to court. When you get a bail bond, an agent assures the courts that the defendant will appear when the court date is scheduled. Going to court completes the process.