We know for sure that very few people would deliberately miss a court date. The consequences are just too steep. At the same time, we understand that accidents happen and that some people have a habit of disregarding legal obligations. Occasionally, a defendant will end up missing his or her court date simply out of not taking it seriously enough. If you have a bail bond, here are some good reasons why you should make certain that you honor your commitment you’ve made to the bail bond company and to the court.


To begin, the defendant needs to know that he will not be the only affected by his failure to attend trial. The friend or family member that bailed him out of jail took a big risk. If he doesn’t honor his bail bond, that friend may actually be looking at losing quite a bit of money as a result and the cost will only grow.

In addition to that loved one, there’s the bail bond company that’s made a contractual promise to the court saying that if the suspect doesn’t appear in court, they will become liable for the full amount of the bond. Of course, this isn’t just going to affect them. The second the suspect misses his court date, the company will probably send people to look for him.

Whether you’re looking at charges for something minor or something very serious, trying to run away is only going to make the situation much worse. Once the courts determine that someone has missed his court date, a new warrant for that person’s arrest goes out immediately. If you’re paying attention then you realize that there are now two organizations searching for the suspect. This warrant gives the police the right to enter the suspect’s property, search his car and do just about anything else they need to do to bring you to justice.

Luckily, all of these things are easily avoided. As long as the suspect honors his bond and shows up on his court date, nothing is going to get worse. The court may even rule in his favor. In the end, there is never a good reason to miss a court date or violate a bail bon