After any kind of arrest has been made, time is of the essence for all parties involved. When you’re in jail, you aren’t just cut off from the outside world. You’re cut off from work, family, hobbies, everything. Leaving jail is more than getting out of the facility. While in jail you are not able to work or see your family. If you do not contact a bail bondsman as soon as possible, you could even lose a job. In short, after an arrest, contacting a bail bondsman as soon as possible is a great way to avoid a lot of problems.

Getting out of jail is relatively painless with a bond agent, but postponing contacting one could have dire consequences. If someone you know winds up in jail, communication with a bond agent should begin almost immediately. The first reason to move quickly once you’ve been informed of an arrest is that a bond agent can (and will) explain your situation to you and help you through the process! You’ll save a lot of time and confusion taking your questions to a bondsman as opposed to searching for answers on your own or questioning the individuals who work at the jail.  In addition, some cases take longer to obtain bail for than others so it’s best to move quickly. There are several steps involved with getting through the bail system. Once you contact a bail bondsman, that agent will have paperwork to draw up, family members to contact and officials to talk to. Here are some things you can do to make your bond acquisition as fast as possible…

1. Do not go to the jail without having prepared a bond. You will be tempted to go see your loved one as soon as possible but if you show up without a bond prepared, you could be forced into purchasing bail in full. Remember – a bond from a bonding company is drastically cheaper than a bond from a jail.

2. Get familiar with all the basic information you’ll need in order to purchase a bond before you talk to an agent. This information includes, but is not limited to, the social security numbers, drivers’ licenses, employer information and vehicle information of both the consigner (the person obtaining the bond) and the defendant (the person being held in jail).

3.  Think about online payment options. They’re often available for minor charges. Paying for bail online is convenient, fast and easy and if you have any questions about making a payment on the web, one of our expert bondsmen would be glad to assist you.