Have you ever wondered how the bail bonds process works?  Probably not unless your or someone you know needs a bonding company.  If you live in Atlanta then read this article on how bonding works and how to get a bail bond now for immediate release.

Bail Bonds – How they Work

Bail bonds are documents issued to individuals who are criminal defendants.  An arraignment will have to be held for the individual in order for bail to be determined and set. If bail is to be issued, it may be issued through Federal, immigration, or commercial bonding companies such as ONE CALL Bail Bonds.The purpose of a bail bond is to make sure that the person arrested, “The Defendant,” appears before court for their hearing.

What Bond Amount Will I Need?

When a person is arrested, the bail amount is usually set by the judge.  The bail amount depends on a variety of factors including how bad the crime was, prior criminal acts, employment and a variety of other factors.

Can a Bail Bonds Company Help Me?

A bondsman, or bail agent is someone who when you cannot afford the bail amount will take the bail out for you.  Once you hire a bail bonds company they will take care of the bond and you will be released paying them a small fee.

When you call our bail office please have all pertinent information regarding the person who is jail including:

  1. Persons Name
  2. Case Number
  3. Charges
  4. What County they Have Been Arrested In
  5. Any other information is always helpful.

Once you have made arrangements with our bondsman generally we will meet you at the jail with all the necessary paperwork and post bail.  It usually takes a couple of hours for the defendant to be released after that.

Other responsibilities after the person has been released is complying with the courts and making sure you handle everything  timely.

Bail Bonds Fulton County

Call 24-7 One Call Bail Bonds of Metro Atlanta if you need a bail bond in Atlanta.  Our bail bondsman are standing by.