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Holiday Arrest – How to Avoid It

During the holidays, crime is high and arrest rates are as well. The state and county police are on high alert monitoring the area for things like suspicious-looking behavior behind the wheel, illegal drug and alcohol use and petty theft. We also understand that people make mistakes. For those that find themselves dealing with a […]

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Bail Bonds During the Holidays

Believe it or not, the hap-happiest season of all is also our busiest season! For most bail bond companies, year after year, the peak weeks for bail bond sales are the weeks before Thanksgiving and Christmas. This isn’t necessarily because more crime is being committed, although the annual holiday retail hauls are known to tempt […]

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Buying Bonds vs. Paying Bail

Bail is a form of property pledged to a court of law that compels the court to release a suspect from jail. Paying bail is a way of promising that the suspect will show up to trial or else relinquish their bail and face the possibility of an additional charge for failing to appear. After […]

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