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What If I Don’t Have the Money to Bail Someone Out?

Coming up with a large amount of money isn’t always easy for the average person, even with proper notice and warning. Many Americans live paycheck-to-paycheck and are a few missed paychecks away from losing it all. Therefore, it’s conceivable that not everybody would have the money necessary to bail someone out of jail at a […]

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When a Friend Jumps on Bail That You Posted For Them


My coworker called me late one night and asked me to bail them out of jail after they’d been stopped and arrested during a traffic stop. It was an awkward situation, but certainly one that I was willing to help out with. I got the details that I needed and went to a trusted […]

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Picking the Right Bonding Agent

The circumstance of getting a loved one out of jail is always a serious and urgent one that you never want to find yourself in. But if you have the bad fortune of ending up in that very situation, you need accurate answers, and you need them fast. You need reliable help from a trusted […]

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Get Out of Jail Fast

If you’ve ever gotten the phone call to help someone get out of jail, you’ll no doubt agree that it’s a stressful experience that you probably never imagined you’d find yourself in. Because of the private nature of the circumstance, it’s not always something you can call a friend about for opinions and suggestions. Lucky […]

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How To Choose the Right Bonding Company

It’s really, truly the first thought that someone who finds themselves thrown in jail is bound to have…

How am I going to get out? And how quickly?

Being arrested, booked, and thrown into jail can be a bewildering experience, especially if it’s your first time. That’s why it’s important to have a plan in place with […]

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 Arrested? Top 3 Things to Ask a Bonding Company

When someone you know has been arrested and they’ve called you for help, it’s important to keep a calm head and understand your role in what’s probably a very scary and intimidating circumstance for them. While you want to be as calm and reassuring as possible, it can even wreak havoc on your nerves. Just […]

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No Money For Bail?

If you or someone you know has been arrested, there’s usually little doubt that you (or they) would like to be out of jail as soon as possible. It’s a scary experience that can leave someone feeling helpless, confused, and isolated. Getting out of jail is usually the very first plan of action in such […]

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Arrested Out of State? Posting Bail Across State Lines

With July’s arrival, it’s quite conceivable that many of us are planning to go on vacation at some point within the next couple months. While summer vacations are usually filled with many opportunities for great memories to be made, it’s also an unfortunate possibility that you or a loved one could be arrested while away […]

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Bail Bonds: Collateral Issues

It’s an undeniable fact of life… Jail isn’t any fun. Just ask Tiger Woods. In light of his recent DUI arrest in Florida, it’s also safe to say that he probably had the money to bail himself out and proceeded to do so as quickly as possible.

Unfortunately, for most, that’s not the case.

Because most people […]

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Bonding Agents and DUI: What To Know

With spring in full swing and summer nearly upon us, it’s time for all the other rites of a good ol’ Georgia spring/summer season to commence. Activities such as afternoon cookouts, lazy days at the lake, tailgating, and pool parties are all great opportunities to get together with friends and family while enjoying plenty of […]

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